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About Pretty In My Pocket

Our Mission

Our mission is to make every beauty purchase a success. We aim to make product discovery more convenient, highly personalized, less costly and more fun.

Pretty in my Pocket (PRIMP) delivers a mobile and social platform that enhances the beauty shopping experience both online and offline, inside the drugstore or at the high-end beauty counter. PRIMP helps consumers choose and purchase products. Users receive product validation from reviews and the beauty bags of friends and experts as well as inspiration from “looks” (photos), how-to videos, and featured content. As users personalize their profile and use PRIMP’s tools, we learn information to make more personalized product recommendations just for her.

Top-notch beauty influencers are highlighted within our app as leading beacons of trustworthy beauty knowledge. “Power Primpers” are our select group of beauty bloggers and makeup artists known for their “know how” of trends and specific areas of interest. “Makeup Mavens” are our beauty savvy, select group of women ranging in skin tone and taste to provide PRIMP users the inside scoop from someone who looks like them.

A backend SaaS technology platform enables brands and retailers to publish content and promotions that correspond to specific product UPC codes, retail locations, and individual users. PRIMP facilitates and strengthens loyalty engagement because the brands give the beauty purchaser what she likes, and she tells the brands what she likes… creating the perfect feedback cycle.

PRIMP: PRIMP is our fancy little acronym derived from PRetty In My Pocket.
Primper: A Primper is a member of the PRIMP community who partakes in any and every action on our app: adding reviews, sharing their virtual beauty profile, adding their favorite products to their PRIMP bag, you name it. Primpers make our pretty world go ‘round ☺
Perk: A perk is short for per·qui·site (pûr kw-z t), which is a benefit awarded to Primpers namely in the form of a discount, deluxe sample or beauty bonus with purchase.