PRIMP’s Mission: to help women own their own pretty.

PRIMP is committed to creating a community and marketplace that helps women dance to the beat of their own beauty drummer, not someone else’s.

“To primp” means “to adorn with care.” To care is to love. We want women to love themselves-- to take joy in showing their own pretty selves to the world. By encouraging real women to share real-life opinions, advice, and examples, PRIMP inspires a radical shift in how women discover beauty and fashion trends. We’re creating a beautocracy – beauty by and for the people. 


Because you’re a woman and not an airbrushed photo, PRIMP empowers you to define your own “pretty.”

Lip color that pops, shoes that spark joy, a new look from head to toe… get inspired to reveal your inner beauty. For example, you’ll see make-up on real women who’ve uploaded their looks and tagged the products they’ve used. PRIMP wants you to put your best self forward, without the burden of trying to achieve the media’s idea of perfection. 

A Community of Sharing

You can share how you primp. By sharing, women help each other discover what they love. Instead of being told what’s beautiful -- you decide. You’re the model. You’re the trend-setter. You’re your own or someone else’s inspiration. Because real women are real pretty.


Power Primpers Blaze the Trail for Truth in Beauty

PRIMP partners with the most authentic fashion and beauty bloggers and vloggers -- the Power Primpers. They’re a trusted team of real women who show you how to primp-ify your life through their own experiences with makeup, fashion, and life-styling. These women are brave. They have made mistakes and learned from them. They let you into their worlds and show you what they find beautiful, helpful, curious, and worthy of your attention. They expand the scope of beauty with different body types, skin tones, styles, and preferences.

Our Power Primpers are revolutionizing the way women shop, discover, and share all things pretty. As a community, Power Primpers and PRIMP users inspire each other to live in beauty and to be bold about it.