Beautocracy Beauty + Democracy:  

No one standard of beauty exists. No exclusive group or magazine dictates what pretty is. You decide. You post your own looks and vote for your favorite products by adding them to your favorites.

PRIMP is visionary in the sense that we are not just focused on selling beauty products. Our purpose is to inspire and empower women to create a personalized perception of beauty. Historically, women have struggled to maintain the flawless images of perfection that society, media, and more specifically cosmetic companies have defined for us. PRIMP’s mission is to instill confidence in women by offering a platform where we can discover beauty products in an authentic way -woman to woman. This is what we call The Beautocracy. By tapping into looks, reviews, and videos posted by people in the PRIMP community and by other bloggers, women are able to see the reality of beauty products without the burden of achieving perfection. 

We invite you to be a part of democratizing the discovery of beauty and beauty products.